Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Altered Art Journal

Good morning friends!! Julie here with a little project I've been working on.  Ok, confession here, this is really for our Altered Book challenge way back in February - eek!!! I'm so so slow with these altered challenges, it takes me forever to get my idea, and gather supplies, etc.  But, I was so excited about the project that I thought you'd like to see my end result!

I've mentioned here before that I recently took an online class from Christy Tomlinson and as part of the class we need to practice making backgrounds using paper, paint, stencils, rubons, doodling, embossing paste - basically whatever works and inspires you.  I picked up a vintage book for $1 and decided to turn it into an art journal.  The book is a smaller size which really works well for me as the larger art journal sizes intimidate me - lol!

First I removed all but a few pages, I left the cover page in since it had the owners name and date (1895!) and of course I kept all the book pages for future use.  I then cut a bunch of cardstock to size to make my "signatures" - basically pages folded in half to add to the journal.  I used some white, some cream, some of the illustrations from the book, some of the pages from the book and I added little tags and glassine envelopes in some of the pages.   I did an internet search and found a guide for sewing the signatures together - it was really simple and felt so cool to be actually sewing a book together!  When it was all done, I glued the pages into the book binding using a bit of gauze as a stabilizer.

Now comes the fun part!  First I gave the cover a good coat of gesso and then started adding paper, tissue, book paper, whatever I could find to make the background.  Then got out the paints and started adding some color and texture.  In the end, when you paint the girl, a lot of the background gets covered up, but that's ok - it's all part of the process!   This was my first time ever painting a person so please excuse her slightly lopsided head - lol!   The rest was all about adding texture with writing, rubons, words, more paint, etc.

Here's a pic of my first page in the journal - it was really a great chance to play and experiment with some of the great new stencils and sprays in the eP store!  I think I'm not quite done with it. :)

That's my project, I hope maybe my process inspires you a little to try something new - it can be tons of fun!!


Donna-Marie said...

Hey Girlfriend....super cool!!!
I would love to see how you sewed the signaures in and used the tape?
I love, love, love the idea of taking it apart then putting it back together with different pieces!!!
Great first page :-)

butterfly said...

Gorgeous work - love that painted cover, beautiful... and like Donna-Marie I love the altered interior idea!
Alison x

Micki said...

I think you are rocking that class Julie. Love how your girl turned out. And love how you altered the interior of the book. :-)

Peggy Lynn said...

I found your post very encouraging...I have never made a book and your sharing has helped!

Peggy Lynn said...

Your post really encouraged me! Thanks!

Annette Green said...

This turned out so cool, Julie! I love it. Some day I'll get up the courage to go for this art journaling thing. So intimidatng, but I am intrigued.

Marjie Kemper said...

Julie, this is totally gorgeous. You GO girl! Love that cover.

Tracy said...

Woohooo Julie..well worth the wait...Stunning...love the cover too!!