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Monday, May 19, 2014

Live Simply!

Hi EPeeps!! Karen here today, to share with you a crazy little canvas that I made the other day!  Seriously, sometimes it is just fun to goof off!

It started with a canvas I had tried something on before but didn't like.  (So here is my challege for you. .. take out a project that you didn't like and just go over it with something crazy!!)  Here I went from ugly torn paper that wouldn't peel off .... to something just a little fun! 


 I copied a piece of my favorite vintage wallpaper and used gel medium to cover the ugly canvas. (Seriously, find a wallpaper book - they make fun backgrounds - I got this one off of Ebay!)

Then I was sitting around doodling in my sketchbook and came up with this little mason jar terrarium. Why not create something just a little whimsical?

 I actually cut out my sketch to trace it because I just couldn't get the shape right on the canvas!

 Then I created a washy-kind of paint (totally technical term, right?) with paint, acrylic glazing and water.  I wanted to play around with creating a 'see-through' jar, just like it was sitting on my shelf.  I also created a white-wash to put on the wallpaper around the jar!

And it worked!!  And I was SO excited, I didn't take another picture until the end ...  

I cut scrap paper that I had around, glued, highlighted, used rub-ons and doodled to create the finished project! 

I hope you enjoyed my little goof off ... now go create your own goofy canvas!! 
- Karen


Julia Aston said...

What a lovely reclaimed project Karen! love the color wash you created and it DID work perfectly for your jar! the plants are so colorful and fun and I LOVE that wallpaper!!

Micki said...

Wow Karen, the first thing that popped into my head was "how did she get it to look like actual glass". This canvas turned out AWESOME!!!!! And a great tip about the wallpaper books. I'm so going to try the glaze/paint mix to see if it works for me.

Unknown said...

I love your re-do Karen and the wallpaper is brilliant. :)

Broni said...

This is fabulous, Karen! Love how you created the see through glass! Will have to remember that technique! What a great finished piece!

toni said...

Better late than never! I really love this canvas the background is so vintage and the jar with the scene in is just fabulous !

Gloria S said...

I LOVE it....great job. I do have one of those "mistakes" waiting for a redo.

Sue Lelli said...

WOW, Karen! That see through jar is AMAZING, LOVE how this turned out and Love the wall paper BG, too! Great way to pretty up an old canvas!