Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Haunting Halloween!

Hi eP'ers!  It's Erin here today with a Halloween card!  I know, it's still AUGUST!  But, my kids are going back to school tomorrow (YAY!!!!), so why not kick off the new school year w/ a Halloween card?!

I am LOVING the Steampunk Spells stack by Graphic 45!  They make creating SO easy!  And it's so inspirational!  Just flipping through the stack, you will get tons of ideas!

Like I said earlier, I decided to make a card.  I haven't made a card on here or actually anywhere for quite some time!  It's time to get back in the card business!  I wanted to make an interactive card, so that the Book of Spells actually opens "magically"!  Well, with a little glue and a strip of transparency paper, I think I've found my secret!

Here we have the book closed.  All you have to do is pull on the tab on the side and..... (scroll down)

 Wah-lah!  The book opens to reveal your Halloween message!  How did I create this?  Well, I used 3 hinges.  The two on the ends allow the book to open normally.  The one in the middle is the one that opens the book!  That's attached to the strip of transparency.  You can see the other side of the hinge below.  To put it back together, I fold the strip up and gently stuff underneath the layer!  I have the whole sentiment panel up on stilts!  3 pop up squares each!  That allows the hinge to move more freely back and forth underneath the panel/book.

 And when you make a card, you simply cannot forget the inside!  Also, by decorating the inside, it equals out the weight of the front of your card!

Everything that you see here (minus the hinges) are in the Steampunk Spells stack!  I have the 8" x 8", which is perfect for card making.  If you want to incorporate these images onto a scrapbook page, definitely pick up the 12" x 12".
Have a lovely day and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Kim said...

Beautiful, Erin! Love those Graphic 45 papers!!

Debbie Sherman said...


Kimberly S said...

Such a fabulous paper collection, and what a fun project you've created! :)

toni said...

Fabulous card Erin such a clever construction x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Good idea! Love those papers!

Lucy x

Dolly LaBelle said...

Perfect for cards is right! It's Boo-tiful!

Micki said...

Wonderful Halloween project and I love the hinges and the way the book opens. Love it.

Mary-Ann Maldonado said...

Erin, didn't think I was ready for fall but this has jump started things here! Great inspiration.

Tracy said...

Wow Erin loooooove what you done...spooktacular lady!!
Big hugs