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Monday, June 18, 2007

Introducing a special eP Friend

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend. What a fun day to pamper and share the day with that "special dad" in our lives. Thought this would be a great time to introduce David Sparks...who has been writing our weekly newsletter, eclectic Expose'. Okay, David is my husband. He's my best friend and partner in all my crazy antics. He has been a supporter and big cheerleader for eclectic Paperie. He has helped Joy and I through a lot of brainstorming and just getting eP off to a running start.

Thought you might like to get to know one of the eP members behind-scenes. David is an avid Mac-user with an active blog. If you are a Mac user or contemplating switching to a Mac, check out MacSparky- Drinking the Mac Cool-Aid and it's Delicious. He reviews some new Mac programs you can find in a podcast(he has a great voice). He keeps getting on Joy and I do to an eP podcast in the near future. Our two kids call him "MacDaddy." In addition to being a "Maco-wacko," David is a big football fan(Go Bucs!) as well as very talented woodworker.

David is very well versed in all stampin and scrappin stuff since he usually helps me pack all the eP orders in addition to the weekly eP newsletter. He let me take over our living room so I could convert it into my creative place. He built me an island to craft on and all the shelves that I seem to have outgrown(imagine that). I think that he is having as much fun as Joy and I are in the paper adventure of ours.

David is truly a special eclectic friend! Cheers to you!


Kelli said...

Hi Daisy!
It's Kelli your fellow scrapper and former fellow Cast Member! So great to see you at Tim's class on Saturday! I got a chance to check out your site! I love it! I'm sure your store is just as cool! Can't wait to order but it will probably have to wait until I get back to OK and organize all my fun new CKU stuff! I will send pics once I get them downloaded! Loved the pic of your beautiful family! Talk to you soon!

Unknown said...

Thank you honey. My only question is ... after saying so many nice things, how on earth do you expect my head to fit through the door when I come home tonight!?

Mahal Kita .. David

Jennifer Aviles said...

David, it was a pleasure to get to meet you and your lovely family when I was in SoCal a few months ago. You are a wonderful man, and Daisy's so lucky to have you! (And me and mine, we love Macs, too!)

Bev Gerard said...

Hello, David & Daisy! So glad to 'see' you here, David! Daisy, I believe he is definitely a "keeper". He certainly exibits the qualifications of a super stampers hubby! So glad that you've got someone who is happy to keep up with your energy & creativity, Daisy!