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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Confessions of an Obsessive Crafter ....

Hi Everybody!

I'm Daisy. My friend Joy and I are the proprietors of Eclectic Paperie, an online paper crafting store. But maybe I should start out telling you about my journey. There is, after all, a story behind every confession.

I live in Orange County California where I, along with my husband David, raise our two beautiful daughters. (I am NOTHING like those ladies on that TV show). Before becoming a full-time Mom I was a manager at the Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. That was a fabulous experience for me. I spent most of my time in merchandise but I also worked in attractions. Would you believe I was the manager of and drove the Disneyland Monorail?

I have always been a paper crafter (even before there was such a word as "paper crafter") I bet some of you reading this can relate. Weren't you also the one always organizing photo albums in High School or the ones making such nice cards for friends with markers and stickers before any of us heard the term "acid free"? Anyway, my journey as a crafter took on a whole new level about 12 years ago when I was watching QVC in the middle of the night and ordered a "scrapbookers kit".

That was the begining of ... well .. an obsession. I'm now neck deep in stamps, paper crafts, scrapbooks, alterables and just about every other kind of paper craft you can think of. I love it so much my husband finally surrendered our living room and built a craft studio in it (David has his own crafting hobby ... woodworking ... which makes it very convenient when I want a new crafting tool "Hey what about $200 sander you bought?!")

Anyway, as a crafter for all these years I felt there was something missing from the online stores. I wanted a place that would find the truly unique and special products and keep them all in one place. My friend Joy and I were both complaining to each other one day about this problem and we decided ... "Why don't we do it?" And that is how Eclectic Paperie was born.

But enough about the business, this is my confession. The confession of an obsessive crafter...

1. Like some sort of junky, I spend entirely too much time browsing the internet learning the latest techniques and ideas.

2. With stealth and raw nerve, I have unscrupulously taken pictures of pillowcases in department stores with my phone because I thought the color combinations would be perfect for my next card while my husband hums the theme to James Bond and guards the aisle.

3. I have started a swap at 11:00 p.m. the night before it was due and completed it on time.

Yes friends .. I could go on and on but this litany should suffice. I am an obsessive crafter.



Taylor said...

What a great start to a promising future! I just have a feeling this business venture is going to be GREAT! ((HUGS JOY & DAISY))

Unknown said...

I LOVE your site! I ordered about 1-2 weeks ago, on a Wednesday morning and received my order, clear over in Maine, on that Saturday!! I'm singing your praises to my blog readers and hope many of them find their way over and support you in your new venture! Best wishes!

Kendra Hernandez said...

Hello Daisy! I love your site - I got the link from Taylor. I ordered some paper from you a few weeks ago and your service and shipping were awesome, I will be back! Good Luck in your venture!

Unknown said...

ROTFLMBO!!!! I love it! Oh, Daisy--obsessive after my own heart!

Amanda said...

LMBO! I seriously have done the camera phone one on more than one occasion . . . does that make me an obsessive crafter *the shock the horror*

Love your site so far! Good luck in your business. If you have a chance check out my site.