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Friday, April 10, 2015

70% Off Sale!

No new bundle deals today, folks, I'm headed to The Collins Group retailer event this weekend!  Yippee!  Two full days for crafting, visiting with other store owners, designers, and my very favorite rep, and seeing new products.  I can't wait!!  

Today, we're announcing that we changed all of our Clearance item prices to a whopping 70% below retail pricing!  There's not much left so shop early!!  Items in the Clearance area will remain at the current price until everything is sold out!

Happy Crafting!


kmonty said...

Wow you did great on the sale. This email just came in and there are less than a dozen items in the site for sale. Nice sale but sorry to see delivery of email is not the same for everyone.

Kim said...

Hi kmonty...our emails are scheduled to send just after midnight (EST) on each Friday. Our email service works pretty quickly and I usually have my copy within 15 minutes. I'm sorry that the email didn't make it to you as fast. We do, actually, still have a decent amount left in the Clearance section...although everyone did a good job of clearing out our shelves! No worries...I'm good for at last two big sales every year. Stay tuned...