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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Collecting Moments Art Journal Jumping Off Page

 Hi there, ePers!  It's Erin here with you today on this lovely Saturday! 

I have a simple page for you today!  Have you ever looked through your paper and not really looked at each of the patterns?  Or, you get it from the eP store, and after a while, you put it w/ your other stacks to "get to when you have time", but then forget?  Well, that's kind of what the Collecting Moments stack did at my house!  I was so excited when I got it, thinking it would be perfect for my vintage genre projects, or my son's scrapbook pages, and it got filed w/ my other eP stacks, and promptly forgotten.  Until now!

I want to show you the versatility of paper.  I LOVE paper!  I love a lot of the paper companies out there and always look forward to what they will come out w/ next!  One company that always brings it home for me is Fancy Pants!  They ALWAYS have something that I will LOVE and HAVE TO HAVE!  This Collecting Moments 6" x 6" stack is one of those!

For my project today, I kind of created an inspiration board, but only using paper.  You can take this and 1. use it as a sketch, 2. you can take the paper choices and use them on your scrapbook page, or 3. you could take the colors of the paper to incorporate on whatever you're working on!  The thing about this is that it's a jumping off point!  I just gave you 3 different ways in which to utilize this art journal page!  What other ways can you think of to use this paper????

So.....what would you create from this?!  Open up your mind and reach outside the box!  The possibilities are endless!!!!

Have an inspirationally crafty day!
(yeah, I know that's not a word!)  :D



Sue Lelli said...

You got my wheels turning! So many possibilities! LOVE the collage of papers!

Broni said...

Love it, Erin! It's great the way you just talk through the thought process! Awesome post!

Andiepants said...

Hahaha...not a word but what a great project to post. Very inspirational indeed.

Rea' said...

That is SOOOOOOOOOOO funny I just pulled out my Collecting Memories and my Memories Captured Collection yesterday... trying to remember the "plans" I had for them! I think I have an addiction to papers... yes there are so many companies that I absolutely love!
Love what you did ( this was about you :) ) !! I just get jazzed when I discover I'm not alone !!

Mary-Ann Maldonado said...

happens to me all the time! I love something, put it away and forget about it! I love when I re-find it!

Micki said...

that is a great idea because I am just like you and have lots and lots of old papers. Great idea!!!!

toni said...

I think we can all relate to your project! Such a great idea, would be good to have a stash of these at the ready! Love the way you've put these papers together ! X

Tracy said...

So true Erin, I am forever doing the same thing!
Love this idea.
Big hugs