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Monday, February 10, 2014

A surprising Journey

Hello friends! Giovana here today. I want to start my post with a couple of confessions, nothing bad I promise.
First, I was pretty sure I got scheduled to post on Feb 12th, oh boy, I was wrong!! So yesterday (Sunday) I went to the craft room to work on some other projects and then I checked my calendar and oh surprise. I immediately started working on a card, and I didn't like it. I got so frustrated. I decided to get out of the craft room and continue with my laundry day, while there I saw the blue tape (painters tape) and an idea came to my crazy head.
Second (confession), I took a piece of watercolor paper and the blue tape, I thought of something but then didn't work out, so I started this project without knowing "what I was doing or ending up with"

Ok, after these confessions, I will tell you I LOVE this project very much and I hope you too.

Let's get started!

I started with a piece of Strathmore Mixed Media paper, cut the paper 9" x 9", then taped it to my mat with Blue Tape (painter's tape), the sides are 1" and the top/bottom are .75"

 Added a couple of coats of White Acrylic Gesso
 Then I started painted this piece with Luminarte Twinkling H2O African Jade, just one coat is enough.

 Then I added paint strokes of Luminarte Twinkling H2O Rich Cobalt
and finally some of Twinkling H2O Olive Vine. 
I added some Embossing paste using the Mini Chicken Wire reversed Stencil, but honestly I didn't like it, I removed it immediately with a baby wipe, but it left a really cool impression, ha! The things you discover from your mistakes. Then added few dabs using Snow Cap Acrylic Paint Dabber
 I used an old stencil (no longer available, sorry) and White embossing paste in random places.

Then added White Gelatos in the center and a little bit around the edges,
Added Black Gelatos around the edges of the whole piece.
Then I took my Remant Rubs - Word (Tim Holtz), cut few pieces and added them on my piece.
Looks like this :) 
And this is the final piece, without the blue tape, the picture doesn't show how shimmery this piece is, it's really beautiful!! I think I will put it in a picture frame to decorate my craft room :)
I hope you like it!!
Have a wonderful day.



Lee Ann Barrett said...


Sue Lelli said...

OMGosh, Giovana, I LOVE the end result! And I LOVED watching the step by step to see the transformation! It's BEAUTIFUL!

Classygirl said...

Very pretty. Thanks for the inspiration!

SusanK said...

What a way to get out of my funk! I love the steps you took, the ones you took back, and the end result. Sometimes it's best just to let things happen on their own.

SkyPixie17 said...

What a great tutorial! Your pictures do such a wonderful job of showing the step by step process. (and your artwork is gorgeous!) Thanks for sharing!

Micki said...

Totally totally awesome. I love the H2O's and the impression from the embossing paste. Yes, sometimes not having an end result in mind is a very good thing :-). This turned out awesome!!!!

toni said...

Result! Fabulous work love the vibrancy and the way you have created such movement. It's so good to see the twinkling H2o's making a great comeback, they were one of my first craft purchases many moons ago ! X

Erin Smetak said...

Love this!!! It looks like the words pop off the page, and the creation of this is just awesome!!

kateri said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. Magnificent. I love the white space. It makes the center art just pop. And the words bring your piece alive. There is so much to look at individually yet at the same time when you look at it in it's entirety it's a whole other world. I've lost my mojo, but I think this art can bring it back to life. It's very inspirational. I'm sure the words speak thoughts and emotions in a different way to every viewer. I would see something new every time I walked by it. Can you tell that it speaks to me? Thank you so much for the detailed tutorial. It was a mini class. Enjoy it!

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

such a beautiful texture, love the colors too!

Dolly LaBelle said...

Your results are wonderful. I like the splashes of color!

Tracy said...

Such a great idea Giovana, loved your step by step and how cool it will look in a frame for your room!
Big hugs