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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's okay to rock!

We've received many emails inquiring about the new Rock-a-Blocks by Crafter's Companion.  There was a lot of buzz about this new "must-have-tool" at Summer CHA.  Here are a couple reasons why:
  • It's way lighter than acrylic blocks(it's a good thing!);
  • It is curved and easy to use with any unmounted stamp;
  • It is great to use with larger and detailed stamps so that you can get an even impression every time;
  • "Rocking" will get you that perfect stamped image.
  • You want to "rock" the stamp.  
I had to try it out for myself to see what all the commotion was about.  It really surprised me how lightweight it was in comparison to the heavy acrylic blocks that we are used to.    We were all taught "not to rock" your stamp for fear of smudging and smearing your image. must rock with these blocks to get the perfect stamped image.  

You stick your stamp onto the block; ink it up with your chosen ink; and you literally "rock-it" to stamp your image.  There is a "lip"(aka. runners) on the edges of the block that will actually help you prevent marks that may "catch" to your paper.   It also serves as a "depth gauge to give you even pressure" when you stamp.

As you rock, you allow yourself to get an even stamped image.  I usually rock-it from bottom of the image to the top.  It is almost like you are putting your stamp on a rolling pin and you roll it onto your paper.  Ink it well and you will get an even impression.  I love it for larger and detailed stamps because you can really roll out your image without the stamp moving on you.  

Watch the video again to see that it is really okay to rock the stamp.  When you get yours, invite your friends over so you can all try it and ROCK the night away!

This new product originated in the United Kingdom and became very popular in a short amount of time.  I am going to note that the instructions suggest that you use a "Stick and Spray" adhesive to keep it tacky.  BUT, the Stick and Spray adhesive that the company(Crafter's Companion) makes to go with the Rock-a-Blocks is not yet available here in the States.  However, can use the Tack 'n Peel(Tsukineko) as an alternative to ensuring that you block is tacky again.  


Cheryl said...

Are you saying that these blocks are sticky and you don't need to have sticky stuff (I use Aileen's Tack it Over and Over) on your stamps? These really look neat and would maybe solve the problem I have of getting ink all over my blocks.
Cheryl Sims

Daisy said...

The blocks are are not very sticky. Sometimes you may need a little tackiness to have your stamps stick to it. Sometimes you may just need to clean you stamps, too, to get that stickiness back. You are right, there is no ink on the blocks themselves.

Broni said...

Thanks for the advice on using the Tack 'N Peel! Great idea!