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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Alcohol Ink Resist Info

Okay, here's a little more info the Alcohol Ink Resist technique. Remember, it's not white ink stamped unto a piece of acrylic. It's alcohol ink that has been applied; then a little technique using a stamp and black archival ink, and carefully swiping will create a great look to your project. Here's, the sample again.

  1. Take a Fragment shape of your choosing:
  2. Prep your Alcohol Inks and choose the colors you want on your Ink Applicator;
  3. Apply ink to Fragment;
  4. Let dry completely(eating a piece of chocolate can lend for ample drying time);
  5. Choose a good image to stamp. Take into consideration the Fragment size when choosing stamp. You want some detail to your stamped image. The stamp in the sample is from a floral swirl from Floral Tattoo(Tim Holtz Collection);
  6. Using Jet Black Archival Ink, ink up your stamp. Light press Fragment onto stamped image and lift carefully;
  7. Using a lint free cloth, carefully blot the black ink. The black ink will rub off the alcohol ink to reveal the stamped image;
  8. Back up the Fragment with glossy white cardstock and voila' will look awesome!

I used Studio 490 Funky Flower Art(Wendy Vecchi) and found that there was a half flower and stem that would be perfect for the stamped Fragment. I also used one of the fun mesh-like background stamp from Psychedelic Grunge to give the card more interest.

Try the technique out a couple times. Experiment with different alcohol ink combinations/colors and also try out different stamps. Here's another sample I did at Ranger U using the a stamp from Sketch Elements(Tim Holtz Collection).

You can also view the technique HERE.

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