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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ranger U - Day 2

Wow! What another amazing day of Ranger Schtuff! We started the morning with the sweet and lovely Claudine Hellmuth. We were introduced to her line of STUDIO paints. YUMMY! Boy were these fun to play with. Just having Claudine there to explain how she developed the line, how she came up with colors, and then having her there to teach us how to use it was just plain AWESOME! The possibilities are
endless. Wait till we can share with you. Yup...Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints and sticky-back canvas(aka magic paper) is coming soon to eP.

The afternoon session was all about Distress schtuff. Distress inks, Stickles, embossing powders and crackle paints were all adventures into Tim's DISTRESS world. We learned a dozen...yes 12 techniques to create with the Distress product lines. I think I see some kits and classes coming soon. We know you all have some of the Distress products so now we need to share with you what more you can do with them.

Day 2 came to end but Tim, Suze and Claudine all hosted a short informal Q&A session for attendees. The best part was asking each of them share their journey to the Ranger company and hearing each of them tell their story. They each had different story to tell but all were equally fascinating. The personal tid-bits laced within each story also made for much laughter. They shared what their "typcial" work day is like. They were very kind to share to their time experiences and point of view of our industry.

Day 3 coming soon. Looking forward to learning all about Dabbers and more.


Linda M. Cain said...

What could be more fun...Learning from the Masters?!?!?


Mimmers49 said...

ohh only to be there to soak up all that knowledge and to just be in all of your guyz's presence....*sigh*. :D

Anonymous said...
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