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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bind it All Machine Special Offer

For a limited time or while supplies last, eclectic Paperie is offering a free Bind it All bag with every purchase of a Bind It All($74.99) machine. The bag itself is a $29.99 value. It's yours free with a purchase of a Bind It All Machine. It's the perfect fit and storage solution for this useful machine. Use the Bind It All for school projects like reports and keeping school artwork together; Girl Scout projects; and binding all the Christmas cards/Birthday Cards that you receive every year. If you need some Bind It All project ideas, you can also visit, the Bind It All Blog. Please enter FREEBAG in the comments section of your order.


1 comment:

Mimmers49 said...

I just recently purchased the 1st Bind-It-All. I wish I could justify buying another especially since it is pink AND it has a free case. Sigh** but I can't :(

Thanks for the great offer though! I will definately check in more often to catch your amazing deals!