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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Magic Of Christmas

We love this time of year. We hope you have lots of family fun scheduled this month. Treasure the time with your loved ones and celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

With the hustle & bustle and lots of Christmas Cheer to spread, we will be ramping down operations in December. We'll also be doing some eP house cleaning and inventory management. We'll be checking emails and getting orders out as they come but if you don't get an immediate response just know it's 'cause we are out and about with our families enjoying the holidays.

Have a Cool Yule!
Daisy & Joy


Bev Gerard said...

What an awesome photo! Hi Daisy! Hi Sam!

The glow of sparkling Christmas light on a Sparkling smile pretty much says it all!

Merry Christmas to you & your family!


Sharon Harnist said...

What a fabulous photo, Daisy -- Love it!!

Tandra said...

Gorgeous and sweet pic!!!

Happy vacation!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!
Love and Hugs!!

Scrappy Running Me said...

beautiful photo! enjoy the holdays, ladies and i will see you soon!