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Friday, October 25, 2013

Hot Air Balloons . . . love them!

My Granny turned 92 this year!! I am going to get to visit with her this week in Scotland! SO excited!  I wanted to make something for her, but really, what kind of art piece would a 92 year old like to have? While I was sitting in traffic, having this conversation in my head, a hot air balloon drifted across the horizon . . . sometimes inspiration comes and knocks us over our head. This is the piece I made for Granny! 

I sketched out the balloons on the canvas so I could get an idea of sizing!  (As you can see, my sketching is not beautiful!) 
I painted the edges of the canvas to help the final piece have a more finished look!

I took out my new Crate Paper collection and cut out a background and some rolling hills!

I cut out balloon shapes from plain white paper.  Then I pieced in the patterned paper on top to give the balloons some color!

I used some twine to connect the balloons to their baskets.  This just gave the piece some dimension and texture!

Then I added my texture layers ...  Distress Ink into a stencil, rub-ons, doodling and stamping around!!

I sealed it all in with my matte medium  and realized I had finished the jar . . . I LOVE this stuff. I can't tell you how it has changed my life!!  I used to use Decoupage ALL the time however,  I found that it was sticky and goopy when I didn't want it to be.  Then I ordered some of Claudine Hellmuth's matte Medium from ePaperie. It is amazing!! Thick, quick drying and so good for gluing and sealing!! LOVE IT!

See . . . time to order more!!

And the finished piece, ready to board the plane with me today and head off on our adventure!  Thank you so much for stopping by . . . I hope lots of inspiration drifts your way this week!!  -K


Kim said...

Amazing Karen! I adore what you do with paper...this is simply beautiful! Enjoy your trip and a big happy birthday to your granny!!

Micki said...

OMG, love love love. Love the paper piecing. I love the whole canvas. Such a great theme/idea and I bet your granny loved it.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous project Karen, your Granny is going to love it for sure ! Sue C x

toni said...

What a great idea, wow eP girls rule! Such creativity with paper and paint, how lovely to give this to your granny you will certainly brighten her day , love it x

Sue Lelli said...

I just LOVE how you were inspired and the canvas you created! Granny will LOVE this! The hot air balloons are FAB but the doily on the green hills is my FAVORITE!

Broni said...

I LOVE your hot air balloons! What a great art piece for your Granny! I hope your visit is just wonderful!

Andiepants said...

I hope Granny LOVES her hot air balloons! I'm sure she will simply because you made them with such love.

Unknown said...

I always enjoyed the hot air balloon rides a lot.