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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stamp collections on Sale

We are clearing out all of our Inky Antics and Art Gone Wild stamp collections. They are all at 30% off. We will be discontinuing these stamps from our product mix so once they are gone, we will not be re-ordering these stamps. There is a big variety of designs if you are looking for special themed stamps to use for your projects. The stamp images from these collections are good line art images that would fun to color with your Copic Markers, too.

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Decorative Corner Chompers

You loved the Corner Chomper. Now comes new decorative corner chompers that are just in time for all the holiday crafts. There are 3 new Corner Chompers and each one has two different corners. It will cut through layers of paper, cardstock, chipboard, leather, plastic, acrylic and more. Another feature is a built-in chamber that holds all your clippings for easy clean-up.

Each style retails for $24.99. Don't forget that you will get two different corners in one tool. Call your friends to each buy one style; then use it as an excuse to get together to craft so you can borrow and share crafting tools. Visit this section and you can also see a video about the original Corner Chomper and how it works.