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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's okay to rock!

We've received many emails inquiring about the new Rock-a-Blocks by Crafter's Companion.  There was a lot of buzz about this new "must-have-tool" at Summer CHA.  Here are a couple reasons why:
  • It's way lighter than acrylic blocks(it's a good thing!);
  • It is curved and easy to use with any unmounted stamp;
  • It is great to use with larger and detailed stamps so that you can get an even impression every time;
  • "Rocking" will get you that perfect stamped image.
  • You want to "rock" the stamp.  
I had to try it out for myself to see what all the commotion was about.  It really surprised me how lightweight it was in comparison to the heavy acrylic blocks that we are used to.    We were all taught "not to rock" your stamp for fear of smudging and smearing your image. must rock with these blocks to get the perfect stamped image.  

You stick your stamp onto the block; ink it up with your chosen ink; and you literally "rock-it" to stamp your image.  There is a "lip"(aka. runners) on the edges of the block that will actually help you prevent marks that may "catch" to your paper.   It also serves as a "depth gauge to give you even pressure" when you stamp.

As you rock, you allow yourself to get an even stamped image.  I usually rock-it from bottom of the image to the top.  It is almost like you are putting your stamp on a rolling pin and you roll it onto your paper.  Ink it well and you will get an even impression.  I love it for larger and detailed stamps because you can really roll out your image without the stamp moving on you.  

Watch the video again to see that it is really okay to rock the stamp.  When you get yours, invite your friends over so you can all try it and ROCK the night away!

This new product originated in the United Kingdom and became very popular in a short amount of time.  I am going to note that the instructions suggest that you use a "Stick and Spray" adhesive to keep it tacky.  BUT, the Stick and Spray adhesive that the company(Crafter's Companion) makes to go with the Rock-a-Blocks is not yet available here in the States.  However, can use the Tack 'n Peel(Tsukineko) as an alternative to ensuring that you block is tacky again.  

Friday, August 8, 2008

New eP exclusive Stamp set

Woo-hoo! Here it is! Merry Muffins is the new Stampendous stamp set that is only available at eclectic Paperie. You can only get it HERE and it's perfect for any occasion, especially the upcoming fall and winter holidays. We also have an eP bundle called "Merry Mix" that includes the Merry Muffin plus some fun products to help you embellish the bits and pieces in this stamp set.

When I first saw this stamp set, I quickly thought of how muffins are such a great gift idea for the fall and winter holidays. All those yummy flavors like cinnamon spice and blueberry muffins sound so good with a cup of coffee in the morning or mid-day snack. I had this idea to make some quick and easy hostess-type gifts using the Merry Muffins stamp set.

I cheated for the sake of time and bought a packaged blueberry mix at the grocery store. Grabbing a quart acrylic paint can(Stampendous), I took a baggie and emptied the contents of the blueberry mix into the baggie and then put that into the paint can. The packaging was cute enough so I also cut out the directions and slipped it into the can.

Adding some baking cups and some flavored tea to the paint can filled it up for a fun gift giving package. I was now ready to make a simple tag to attach to the paint can.

I went ahead and stamped a bunch of images so I could use them later. Merry Muffins has lots of bits and pieces so combination are endless. Paper piecing added some color and dimension to the image. I even added a little paper piece(Tickle Dot paper by Daisy D's) to the chick's little cone hat. That Quickie Glue pen is perfect for getting adhesive in those small and tight spaces.

The chick was screaming to be flocked so I reached for the Quickie Glue pen again and applied the Sunshiny Yellow Fun Flock for texture. I also used my acrylic block to help press down and make sure that I put all the fun flock onto the area that needed it. I cut it all out, added some Dimensionals and stuck it to the one of the manila tags that I always have lying around for last minute projects. I think that tag also added to the charm of the gift package.

Can't see all those "jar in a mix" recipes in these paint cans instead of the traditional jelly jar? HERE's a site I found that has all sorts of mixes you can make for your holifays gifts. This stamp set can also compliment those fun kraft bags abd gable boxes that you may use for your holiday baking godies. Whether it is muffins, cupcakes or other sweet treats, you'll want to reach for the versatile Merry Muffins stamp set to coordinate with your paper crafts.

"Feed Your Creativity" at eclectic Paperie!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

CHA Day 3: The Final Chapter

Happy August!

Sorry this is so late. You have kept us all busy filling your new Cuttlebug embossing folder orders. I also went on a 3 day weekend with my family and then I spent all last week as a leader for my daughter's VBS week. I'll have to share those highlights in another post. Anyways, here are some final photos of our last day at CHA Chicago. Day 3 is always fun since we usually place most of our orders that day. We get to sit an chat with our vendors who have now become our friends, too.

We'll have exiciting news this week in our newsletter so be sure that you are signed up to receive it. You can sign up on the store homepage.