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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Shipping Schedule

Holiday Greetings!

Joy is in the Philippines enjoying some holiday fun and yummy Filipino food with her family. My family and I went to Disneyland last night for our annual Disney Christmas Fun. It really puts you in the mood with all the beautiful lights and atmosphere. The Christmas overlay is just so feastive and colorful.

We wanted to share with you all the following eclectic Paperie holiday schedule.


We will be closed for the holidays and inventory from Tuesday, December 18th through Sunday, January 6th. No incoming orders will be shipped during these dates. Shipping will resume on Monday, January 7, 2008. Please plan your orders accordingly.

Feel free to submit your online orders during the above dates, but please understand we will not resume shipping until Monday, January 7, 2008.

We want to thank all of our customers and for an exhilarating (and busy!) 2007 where we learned so much and made so many new friends. We wish you all a joyous and eclectic holiday season with many cherished memories with those you love.

Joy & Daisy

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Magic Of Christmas

We love this time of year. We hope you have lots of family fun scheduled this month. Treasure the time with your loved ones and celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

With the hustle & bustle and lots of Christmas Cheer to spread, we will be ramping down operations in December. We'll also be doing some eP house cleaning and inventory management. We'll be checking emails and getting orders out as they come but if you don't get an immediate response just know it's 'cause we are out and about with our families enjoying the holidays.

Have a Cool Yule!
Daisy & Joy

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Cool Yule Sale

The holiday season is officially here! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Now it's time to create and make special cards and gifts. How fun it is to make something heartfelt for those special people in your lives. At eclectic Paperie, we are going to offer you some holiday essentials to make sure that you can find the perfect stamp(s) and papers for those handmade cards and gifts you are hoping to create.

So, beat the holiday crowds and shop early because quantities are limited.

Feed your Creativity!
Daisy & Joy

Holiday Stamp Offerings Reindeer Penguin

Did you know that eclectic Paperie has a large offering of holiday stamps from a wide variety of vendors? Check out these fun holiday stamp designs from the following companies. Selected holiday themed stamps are marked 20% off this Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Penny Black
  • Stampendous
  • My Favorite Things
  • Crafty Secrets
  • Fancy Pants Designs
  • Basic Grey
  • Lizzie Ann Designs
  • Paper Salon
  • Memory Box
Holiday Paper Offereings Noel Love Elsie paper
eclectic Paperie offers a wide variety of holiday-themed designer papers from the following companies. Selected holiday-themed papers are 20% off this Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Basic Grey
  • Daisy D's
  • Cosmo Cricket
  • Fancy Pants
  • Heidi Grace
  • Love, Elsie
  • Scenic Route
  • Crate Paper
  • Paper Salon

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble, Gobble to all!

Just wanted to wish you a great Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend.

We are thankful for all your support and friendship.

Hope your days are filled with friends, family, food, and football. Get some rest for all the shopping to be done...we are planning on some fun offers for tomorrow.
With many thanks. Daisy & Joy

Monday, November 12, 2007

Stampendous Coterie: Last Call

Offer is good until Monday, Nov 12, 2007

We reached the 50 mark for the Stampendous Coterie! Everyone who purchased the eP special will receive a free word stamp (from your secret admirerer). It will be packaged in a this Stampendous acrylic paint can. We are so excited to be able to give everyone these party favors.

Go to tell more friends about this exclusive eclectic Paperie offer. Need some holiday/birthday gifts? You can still purchase the Stampendous Coterie and you will receive the free stamp and acylic paint can.

The Details
Purchase all six(6) new stamps for $43.94(plus shipping).

Bee Happy:Three(3) new bee stamps.
Changito: Three (3) new monkey stamps.

Additional FUN Details
Everyone who purchases the Stampendous Coterie will receive a free co-ordinating word stamp, Secret Admirer($5.19 value), absolutely free! Plus it will come with this Stampendous acrylic paint can($3.99 value).

Feed Your Creativity!

Daisy & Joy

Monday, November 5, 2007

Stampendous Coterie Update

The party is in full swing and we are almost halfway there for a free word stamp to match the new Bees and Changito Stampendous stamps. 22 friends have already stopped by to make sure that they get all the new Stampendous stamps. We need more friends to come to the Stampendous Coterie so that everyone can receive the free stamp. Pass the word and let your know friends know about this special offer from eclectic Paperie.

Happy Monday!

Daisy & Joy

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Join a new eclectic Coterie!

An eclectic Coterie
coterie(noun) co·ter·ie [koh-tuh-ree]
an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose


We are very excited about this new promotion. We are bundling the newest Bee Happy and Changito stamps by Stampendous.....BUT hurry because this offer will expire on November 12th. Just in time for holiday gift giving for special friends or treat yourself.

The Details
Purchase all six(6) new stamps for $43.94(plus shipping).

Bee Happy: Three(3) new bee stamps.
Changito: Three (3) new monkey stamps.

Additional FUN Details
If we sell 50 bundles, everyone who purchased the Stampendous bundle will receive a free co-ordinating word stamp, Secret Admirer($5.19 value), absolutely free!

If we sell 100 bundles, everyone who purchased the Stampendous bundle will receive both Secret Admirer AND Crazy About You($5.79 value) free.

That's right....the more people at our eP Coterie, the more free stuff you will get with your bundle purchase. We'll keep you posted on the eP blog as to how many more people we need to invite in order to add free stamps to your packages.

So your mission is to share this offer and enable all your friends. The more people who join this coterie, the more Stampendous stamps we all add to your collection. eP will offer this bundle for this limited time only.

eclectic Paperie is making this exclusive offer through our blog and weekly newsletter. This eP Stampendous bundle will not ship until the eclectic Coterie is over.

Offer Expires: This offer is only good from October 31st to November 12th. Stampendous bundles will not ship until mid-November.

Be Happy!
Daisy & Joy

PS. We wish you and your families a fun & safe Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Fiery Night - as told by Mr. Sparks

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! again for all your comments, emails, thoughts and prayers. They have been a comfort over the last couple days.

I wanted to share David's(my hubby) narration in the midst of the firestorm as it made it's way through our neighborhood. Go to our FAMILY BLOG and you can see a good map, too, to get an idea of where we were at in comparison to the actual fire line. The first comment in there is a good link for a video of what the neighborhood went through. You will see my neighbors Al and Cor on that video link. David is MY HERO!

Here's is a photo of what it looked like yesterday morning at around noon from my driveway.

Here are some more dramatic photos that my friends from Portola Hills shared with me as they also went through a similar frightening experience Tuesday night as the Santiago fire made it's way across the canyon(Whiting Ranch) to their community. These are photos of the fire coming from that canyon and travelling up to the Portola Hills homes.

Here are some photos of the devastation to Whiting Ranch in the aftermath of the fire.

The Santiago fire still burns and has now claimed some homes and structures in neighboring Modjeska Canyon. It's a little more rural there. The developers of Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills really knew what they were doing in terms of building a community prepared for a potential fire disaster. There are natural firebreaks/walls that were designed to protect the homes. Our homes were good barriers for the firefighters, too, as they were able to gain access to fight the fires. There are lots of cacti planted around the homes. Praise God for not one single home in Foothill Ranch or Portola hills was lost....and our communities are very dense with homes. I feel for the folks down in the affected San Diego areas. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, too.

School remains closed Thursday as the air is even worse now after several days of smoke. My neighbor works in a doctor's office and she was kind enough to get some face masks and gave them to us this evening as they are much in demand and you can't go anywhere around here to buy one.

We can still the see the fire burning tonight over the hill from my daughter's bedroom. The air just reeks with the smell of the fire. The good news is that the weather is better Thursday and no more winds. They have been running water-dropping aircrafts all day and more tomorrow.

With much appreciation,
The Sparks Family

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Update: We survived!

Happy, happy day! I just got back home to all the firetrucks are still parked in front of the house. What a wonderful sight to see. DH looks tired but he made it through the very tense night. The smell left behind a fire that ravaged the foothills will remain for a couple days. There are ashes everywhere. Here are some dramatic photos taken by David in the midst of all the chaos last night. We kept in touch all night(thank goodness for cell phones).

This happened about 8pm last night as the fire moved from the foothills to make its way around the corner and into the canyons that are right behind the homes of my neighbors across the street. David helped them out across the way as the fire crept all the way to about 30 feet from the homes. He said is like an inferno witnessing the whole scene. One of the neighbors said it felt like Armageddon with the intense heat, crackling sounds and winds just fanning the flames. There was also scare around 130am as a flare up ooccurred and shot embers like raining fire hail throughout the neighborhood.

These next photos is the sight that I came home to early this morning. It was a comforting to see all the firetrucks in front of my home and along strewn along the corner and up and down the street.

It is still windy here so they are just keeping a close eye. The fire crews you see here are from other cities like Huntington Beach, Fullerton and Anaheim. David fed them some breakfast bars and they have been coming into the house to use the facilities as they pack up to be deployed somewhere else. God bless these emergency crews!

We'll have to to recuperate and get back in the house today. We packed our treasured memories yesterday so we'll be happy to move those back into our home. eP survived as well so orders will resume by tomorrow.

Thank you! Thank you! for all your thoughts and prayers. You'll never how much it touched our hearts.

With much gratitude!
Daisy, David, Samantha and Sarah Sparks

Monday, October 22, 2007

eclectic Paperie Shipping Update: Fire alert

As you watch the news tonight, you see that SoCal is on fire. Foothill Ranch happens to be the home of eclectic Paperie so when they refer to the Irvine/Santiago Fires....that would be where we are at. The air is thick with smoke and embers are raining everywhere. With the air quality as poor as it is and my kids freaking out at as they look outside the windows to see the bellowing smoke, I have to prepare to evacuate voluntarily for our sanity. The firefighters are doing a great job up here and the neighborhoods are all working together. The flames have come as close to 50 feet to homes yet not one house has been touched by these fires and hope none will. We all are prepared for living in a high fire zone but it is definitely scary and things can change very fast.

Shipping and processing of orders will have to cease for another day or two as the winds are expected to still linger within the next couple of days. The air quality is so poor that you can smell the smoke and fires inside the house. I will try to do my best to get out what I can given the circumstances. You have already been so patient with me.

My family and I appreciate all your calls, emails, and prayers. It has touched my heart knowing that the stamping/scrapbook community is so giving and unselfish in times of a personal crisis.

God Bless,

Friday, October 5, 2007

Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers: Part 1 (What makes them special?)

I was lucky enough to be a Teacher's Assistant at CKU Anaheim(Creating Keepsakes University) this past June. When they said, "you want to help out with Ranger Industries?"...of course I said "YES!" Who else was teaching those classes but Tim Holtz! How fabulous was that to be helping out Tim Holtz with his class? He taught two different classes where I was able to also pick up some tips and tricks. He was working with the Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers so I got to learn everything there was to know about these very versatile and cool paints.

I learned a lot of things so I will share a little at a time over the next week. This first entry will be an introduction to the Paint Dabbers so you can get an idea of what makes them different from other acrylic paint out there.

First, Ranger Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers are very easy to use. You don't need a paint/foam brush nor do you need a special "plate" to squeeze the paint out. The "dabbers" have a built in foam cap that you leave on and that is the "brush". There is also a removable plastic lid so you can just cap it when you are done and that will prevent it from drying. You only squeeze what you need so you don't waste and throw away any unused paint.

Getting Started
So here are a couple tips I learned about using them from Tim Holtz. When you first get it and are ready to use, shake it up; remove the small clear plastic cap(but don't unscrew the foam top); and "flick it" to get it primed. Invert the bottle upside down now(so the foam top is at the bottom end) and press down so you open the "valve" to get the paint to start flowing. Holding the valve down longer allows more paint to flow. Tapping or banging the dabber really doesn't do anything since it is the valve that has to be open in order for the paint to flow into the foam dabber. You can always dab a little off on your scrap paper before you begin to paint. Now you use the bottle with the foam dabber as your '"brush" and paint away. Hold the valve down again if you need more paint. You can paint directly onto your project. If you do need to get into hard to reach places, you can unscrew the cap and squeeze onto a plate and use your brushes.

36 Colors: Lights, Brights & Earthtones
There are 36 coordinating colors to choose from but you need to know about "Light, Brights & Earthtones" since they all work together.

For example, if you just chose Willow(Light), Citrus(Bright) and Lettuce(Earthtones), than you have enough to create some great projects. Here is an example of how these would work together.

The sample on the right are the 3(Willow, Citrus, Lettuce) working together to create a fun background. This a manila tag that was first covered in the Citrus by swishing and swirling the paint. Using less paint creates a different look and moving it in circular motions creates the dimension. You can see the Willow dots which are lighter and than the darker dots are done with the Lettuce. You can get some great monochromatic looks with just 3 colors. All the paints have a coordinating Light, Bright and Earthtone color. If you just want to get started, use this handy chart to help you choose a group.

Metallic Colors
In addition to the 36 color choices, there are 4 metallic colors that come in Copper, Gold, Silver and Pearl. You can use with the other colors but what is cool about the metallic is what you can do with just a little or a lot of one color. You can create looks of metal with the way you brush on the metallic paints. For example, if you lightly brush some metallic paint on chipboard square, you can get a cool gunmetal look; but if squeeze a lot on a piece of chipboard, dab it and let dry, than you get a whole different look. Here are samples with Copper and than Gold Metallic Dabbers.

Some other things you need to know about the Dabbers:
Acid free, non-toxic
Individual 1 oz. dabber bottles
36 coordinating colors plus black and white
Works on multiple surfaces
Convenient, mess-free and portable
Coordinates with Adirondack Dye Inks

Versatile, not too messy and portable. You can easily carry these to crops. It's hard to decide which colors to choose so good thing they are on sale this weekend at eclectic Paperie.

Come back and read my next entry about how these Dabbers can work with those famous Tim Holtz™ Distress Ink Pads. If you are like me, you have a couple of those Distress Ink pads lying around. Wait till you see how you can create faux wood with a little Distress Ink and some Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers. This technique is really fun and one of my favorite tips that I learned.

Happy Painting!

Monday, October 1, 2007

eclectic Coterie: Glimmer Mist Party Update

WOO-HOO!! We see you all had fun telling your friends about the first eclectic Coterie that we hosted. The party was smashing with enough eclectic friends coming to join us that everyone who ordered a Glimmer Mist eP bundle from Sept 18th-Sept 30th WILL receive a free bottle of Patina Glimmer Mist with her order. These should be ready to ship out later next week but we will continue to keep you posted.

Thank you again for coming to our first eclectic Coterie! We had a blast seeing the momentum build and hearing you share the fun with your friends. We will host another eclectic Coterie soon and boy are we planning a good one! It will will knock your socks off so be sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter emails so you will be the first to know.

Happy Monday!

Daisy & Joy

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Join the 1st eclectic Coterie!

An eclectic Coterie
coterie(noun) co·ter·ie [koh-tuh-ree]
an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose


We are really excited about our latest promotion. We are bundling both the Fall and Winter Glimmer Mist colors.....BUT hurry because this offer will expire on September 30th. It's just in time for some holiday shimmer.

The Details
Purchase all twelve (12) seasonal colors for $79.99(plus shipping).

FALL: Aspen Yellow, Autumn Leaves, Harvest Orange, Juniper, Merlot, and Red Maple.
WINTER: Frosty Nights, Gingerbread, Winterberry, Mistletoe, Snowflake and
Sugar Cookie.

Additional FUN Details
If we sell 40 bundles, everyone who purchased the seasonal bundle will receive a free bottle of Glimmer Mist Patina($6.95 value) absolutely free!

NOTE: 15 Glimmer Mist bundles have already been claimed, so we need to invite 25 more friends.

If we sell 80 bundles, everyone who purchased the seasonal bundle will receive both Glimmer Mist Patina AND Glimmer Mist Antique Brass($6.95 value) free.

That's right....the more people at our eP Coterie, the more free stuff you will get with your bundle purchase. We'll keep you posted on the eP blog as to how many more people we need to invite in order to add free Glimmer Mist to your packages.

So your mission is to share this offer and enable all your friends. The more people who join this coterie, the more Glimmer Mist we all add to your collection. These limited edition colors are only available for the fall and winter season.

eclectic Paperie is making this exclusive offer through our blog and weekly newsletter. This eP Glimmer Mist special will not ship until the eclectic Coterie is over.

Offer Expires: This offer is only good from September 18th to September 30th. eP Glimmer Mist Special bundles will not ship until early October.

Daisy & Joy

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Stickles colors have arrived!

Burgundy, Baby Blue, Cotton Candy, Gunmetal, Cinnamon...oh My! New Stickles have arrived in 5 new colors. We were so excited to see these at Summer CHA . They are just in time for the holidays. Do you realize that Christmas is in 90 days from today! Here are some quick facts about Stickles™ Glitter Glue by Ranger industries:

  • Acid Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-setting
  • Easy-flow tip
  • Water wash-off
Each bottle has .5 oz of sparkle magic. It has a fine tip so that you can add glitter to those tiny places. It's a one step process and not as messy as pouring a bottle of glitter onto your projects. Add dots, squiggles and some glitter to enhance your stamped images and paper crafts. When it dries, your projects will have the glitter magic. Note: Stickles is not a dimensional liquid(eg. Crystal Effects or Diamond Glaze).

There are 35 individual colors available and eclectic Paperie has all of them. We even offer an "I Want it All" package in the 5 new colors.

Hope your day "sparkles" today!
Daisy & Joy

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yo ho! Yo ho! A Pirate's Life for me!

Avast! My husband and some girlfriends reminded me that it's Talk Like a Pirate Day today, September 19th. My husband, David, is a big fun of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Go Bucs!) so anything pirate-themed is always fun. So for ye landlubbers, ye best be reminded that we be carryin' the following pirate stamps:

Ollie's Pirate by Stampendous

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels

We have received numerous emails and orders regarding this really fun product called Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels. It really can add a lot of pizazz and texture to your projects. First, here are a couple things you should know:
  • Water-based, archival safe, acid-free, and non-toxic.
  • The liquid itself is also tinted/dyed so it's not just colored glitter and water.
  • You only need a fine mist to get the glimmer on your projects.
  • You have to shake it really well each time to get mix-it up but there is no mess or clumps.
  • There are 50 colors to choose from.
So, there are couple things you do need to know about Glimmer Mist. Because it is water-based, you need to use heavy-weight paper or will need to flatten your paper since it could buckle depending on how much Glimmer Mist you spray on your papers. You can control the intensity of the shades based on how much you spray or if you use several bottles to achieve shades of color. You can also use a heat gun to speed up drying time and set the Glimmer the Mist.

I played with some bottles the other day to see what a little Glimmer Mist would do to different papers so here are the results. It really is hard to capture the results on film but you'll get the idea and come up with your own ways to use Glimmer Mist.

Glimmer Mist on Prima Flowers: How cool is that to spritz a little Glimmer Mist on some Prima Flowers and freshen up some old favorites. Or spritz some on white Prima's for color and glimmer. The flower on the left was what I started with and the flowers on the right are what they look like after the Glimmer Mist was sprayed on.

Glimmer Mist on Cardstock: Here is a close-up of Glimmer Mist on Always Artichoke cardstock. The weight of SU cardstock is great for Glimmer Mist. It really shows up on dark colors.

Glimmer Mist on patterned paper: To really add some subtle dimension, try spritzing a little on some patterned paper. If you are like me, you have some bits and pieces of patterned paper lying around that really needs to be revived. The Glimmer Mist gives these patterned papers an antique feel to it. Check out Lisa Zappa's blog entry where she made a card using the Glimmer mist on patterned paper.

Glimmer Mist and stencils: You have a bunch of stencils lying around? I used a Heidi Swapp Mask(which we are getting) to make my own patterned paper. It's very hard to photograph but the subtle shimmer on the circles is pretty fun. You can make your own stencil shapes by using all those punches you have.

The photo of the tag was made using one of the Heidi Swapp masks on a manila tag. I sprayed it with one color of Glimmer Mist to cover the tag. Then lightly sprayed some Harvest Orange Glimmer mist. I also tried a couple different bottles and sprayed all of them on white and vanilla cardstock with varying results. It was like making my own patterned paper. I figured that I could cut it into mats and or use my punches for some fun embellishments.

Finally, I used some Glimmer Mist on some painted chipboard and a metal tin. This is a Provo Craft tin that took the Glimmer mist well. I really like how it left that "flecked" look on the tin. It looks like when you use an old toothbrush to flick some paint on a project, but with a little sparkle, too.

I tried the Glimmer Mist on a metal DVD tin but it just beaded up on the metal. I tried it on some ribbon but because it is water-based, it did not take to the ribbon.

Finally, it does take a little practice as there is a slight learning curve to using it. I think that it also depends on what kind of surface you decide to spray on. A good tip that someone shared was to use a cardboard box(like an old box that was shipped to you) and put the papers in them(Thanks for that tip, GIRLS) to spray. I then learned to mist/spray once like a test spray before I actually sprayed the paper or project that I wanted the Glimmer Mist on. Use a heat gun if you want to speed up the sparkle and glimmer.

There are so many possibilities. Think of all the holiday projects that could use a little extra glimmer and sparkle?

Glimmer All the Way!
Daisy & Joy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Fancy Pants Stamps

They have arrived! Fancy Pants Designs has done it again and released 2 new 12x12 stamp sets at Summer CHA. We have them in stock and they are "fancy".

In My Words has 41 acrylic stamps in this set. Lots of flourishes, swirls and journaling-type pieces.

From the Garden is even more amazing with 50 stamps in the set. There are these cute little angel wings in there that would be fun to play with. There are word stamps, swirls, hearts and even a "Handmade with Love" stamp included.

We also have the new Fancy Pants Papers but give us a little more time to upload those.

More fabulous products that have found their way into the eP product mix are:
We are expecting new Stickle colors soon. We are waiting on more Bind-it-All machines to arrive but we do have the new Bind-it-All tool kit that will make it's way very soon into our inventory. Check back tomorrow and we'll tell you a little more about Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels. This product is "HOT!" and there are new seasonal colors coming soon.

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Paper Salon Tins and Papers

Paper Salon introduced their new acrylic stamp sets at summer CHA and are they cool! The stamp sets come in a metal tin with a clear top are signature of their fun packaging. The Paper Salon papers (Spice, Snow Days & Ornamental) are cheerful and vibrant. They may not be your traditional seasonal colors but that's the cool part and fun designs, too. Here is a card sample that was taken at CHA at the Paper Salon booth.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A lil' paint & bling can make a difference!

It's fun to be able to use some of your paints and embellishments to add a little fun to something like your computer. My husband is an Apple fanatic ( so he finally converted me. I have high hopes that this new MacBook will serve all of eP nation more efficiently and not crash, too. I saw this cool plastic cover at the Apple store and just thought that it would like much better with a some painted daisies and some bling. Using my Fancy Pants Bella Brush and Dabber paint(Snow Cap) was easy. Acrylic stamps make it easy to stamp any surface. Then I added some of the Adorn-it Jewels for the middle and voila! Now it's easy to find and spot where my computer is. Gives it some character.

Friday, August 31, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Sale

Labor Day weekend brings important activities for our families. My husband hosts his annual Fantasy Football Draft Day and it's usually family and friends over for a fun party. That means football season is around the corner-yipee! It is the last weekend of summer vacation and my girls start school next week. Also, Joy and Kurt will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on Monday. So it is the "most wonderful time of year" that signifies lots of family events. It also means that the fall season is coming and all the holidays to follow.

For eclectic Paperie, it will mark our 8-month anniversary. eP has grown because of your loyalty and referrals. With your feedback and comments we have been able to stock eP with some of your favorite stamps, papers and alterables. We are anticipating that CHA orders from companies like Ranger(new Stickle colors!), Inky Antics, Crafty Secrets, acrylic Pageframes albums will come in soon. Provo Craft is expected to ship their new Cuttlekids machine and dies. Lots of new products that will find a way into the eP product mix in September.

In honor of this time of year, eclectic Paperie is offering you 15% off of your total purchase. This offer is valid beginning Friday, August 31st(12:00am-PST) and continues through Monday September 3rd(11:59pm-PST). You must use the following coupon code to receive the discount on your purchase:


This discount code cannot be applied to a prior order. This offer does not apply to the purchase of gift certificates. You must enter the coupon code(IDO) to receive this promotional offer. "I Do" is what Joy and Kurt said to each on their wedding "IDO" is what gets you 15% off in this sale.
Let's celebrate "the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"

We wish you and your family a great and safe weekend!
Daisy & Joy

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wedding Card Inspiration

We went to a friend's wedding last Friday so of course I had to make a quick wedding card. I used the actual wedding card invitation that we received for inspiration and came up with a simple card that required little stamping and was super easy to make.

Cardstock: SU Pretty in Pink; Vanilla
Stamps: Baroque Motif(SU) on envelope; Mr&Mrs(Stampendous) on vellum heart tag & envelope. Ink: Palette Noir Black
Accessories: Cuttlebug Stylized Flower embossing folder; velvet ribbon. I also reached for my Tsukienko Coloring brush tool to pick up some color(Tea Leaves) and gently applied on the embossed design.

There are lots of new critter stamps that have joined the eP product mix so stop by to see Memory Box penguins and new Penny Black winter hedgehogs.

Happy Wednesday!