Friday, May 3, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

Hi there, ePer's!  It's Erin here with you today, sharing some Teacher Appreciation decorations!  I apologize for the lateness of this post, but I had to decorate today while the teachers were in another building!

I oversee the Hospitality Committee, and one of the things that we do is Teacher Appreciation!  I had this "brilliant" idea to decorate each teacher's door in the theme that was chosen.  I decided on Dr. Seuss.  I figured, how hard could THAT be?!  Well, it's a bit challenging because Dr. Seuss has been around FOREVER, and most stores only carry new stuff.  So......a lot of hands-on crafty time was put in this week, and also for why I may nod off here during this post!  If you do too, I won't be mad!  ;D

Ok, so only one door decoration actually qualifies to be on this website, but I'll share the others with you, just so you can see....  (I had to draw everything else...)

When I chose Dr. Seuss, I raided my kids' bookshelves and stocked up at the library for the rest of the collection and pored over them, trying to decide which books I would feature on their doors.

Without further ado, here we have the first one, "It's a Great Day for Up!"

To make this decorated door, I took yellow cardstock and created 3-D stars from Tim Holtz's 3-D Star Bright  Bigz Die.  Oh my gosh, can I just gush a little about this 3-D star?  I have been lusting after 3-D stars for quite some time, but never knew how to make my own.  Pinterest has tons w/ complicated instructions, and that just isn't for me.  It shouldn't be complicated to make a star!!!  So, when we got to preview what Ranger was coming out with, I signed up for the star die first thing!  It is SO incredibly easy to use!
1.  Die cut your paper. 
2.  Fold along the mountains and valleys (I also sponged the mountain creases for contrast)
3.  Tim designed little tabs that fold underneath that you put glue on and adhere your star to your project!
And that's it!!!!  Piece of cake!  Get one and try it!  You'll LOVE IT!

I took circle nestabilities and folded each circle in half and glued them together to make a 3-D hot air balloon.  The paper I used is "The sweetest thing" by MME.  I used my whole pack, so I'll definitely by purchasing another one!!!  LOVE this paper!!!!

Here you can really see how the 3-D star looks when it's hung up on a wall!  These would make great ornaments!!!

 Here are the other doors!

"If I Ran The Circus"

"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"

"The Best Nest"

"Ten Apples Up On Top"

Thanks for bearing with me!  Have a wonderful day!


"You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child." ~ Dr. Seuss


Teresa Jaye said...

oh these are adorable Erin! What a lot of work - I'm sure the teachers really appreciate it!

Micki said...

Adorable.... and I agree that looked like a lot of work. Great job.

toni said...

What a great idea! How lovely for the teachers! We don't seem to have this idea of organised Teacher Apreciation in the UK. I think we could learn something from you guys x

Tracy said...

Totally adoreable Erin...loving those stars!!!
Hugs Tracy xxx