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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Product Spotlight - Dylusions Journal

Morning everyone!  I'm knee deep in new product orders from CHA...seriously, could anything be more today I'm highlighting one of my favorite products; the Dylusions Journal.  (Of course my journal and I are daydreaming about the new Dylusions Ink Sprays, stencils, and stamp sets that are on the way!)   
I was having an email discussion with a customer about the journal last week; sharing the features that I love about the journal so instead of providing you all the technical details about the journal, I thought I'd share the things that I love about this great tool!
1) The size -  One of the things that is a constant surprise is how different many products look when they arrive in person vs. looking at them from a computer screen.  We tend to quickly glance over the specifics of a product and focus on the photo.  I knew that this was a 9x12 journal but the size didn't really sink in until I was holding one in my hands.  This baby is substantial!  Which means you have a lot of space for creating!  And there are so many pages to fill...Love it!
2) The paper weight - I adore the weight of the paper/cardstock in the journal.  It's think enough that even when you saturate a page, nothing blends through.  And Dyan alternated white and cream colored!  I would compare the pages to a manila file folder.  Seriously sturdy!  Perfect for those brand new ink sprays!
3) The pocket - At first I didn't do much with the pocket and kept my stencils in the packaging.  And then...I just became sloppy and kept my stencils in a heap on my desk.  (Oh darn, now you have a view into what my craft room looks like!)  Then I finally utilitzed the pocket!  Love that I can gather up all of my stencils and just toss them in the pocket...quick and easy clean up!
4) The cover - Made of a very heavy cardboard type material, the cover is sturdy enough for anything...paint, sprays, pastels, markers, or stamps.  I started some Zentangles on my cover and the black and white is a fun contrast to all of the vivid colors on the inside.
5) The band - I love that the journal comes with an elastic band for around the middle...because after all those pages get filled with crafty goodness, your journal might need a little help staying closed!  Kind of like eating a bit too much at the holidays... :-)
These are some of my favorite features on the Dylusions journal and here's Dyan to talk a little bit about her journal and to show off some of her artwork.  Enjoy!


Words and Pictures said...

Oh, it looks so scrumptious - and for the first time, with the new colours (especially the white), I'm tempted by the Dylusions sprays... watch out credit card!
Alison x

Redanne said...

This journal has been on my wish list for ages but now that I have dipped my toe into journalling I just have to have one! Anne x

SandeeNC said...

Aways a treat to watch Dylan, love the journal, I've not worked in one, but when I do, I'd love to get hers! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Tracy said...

Love Dylan's work....her products are always Amazing and her videos are a joy to watch!!
Oh my giddy aunt so much eye candy with the new releases.... xxx