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Friday, May 16, 2014

Using your stencils, Part II! We're going Off the Page!!!

Hi there ePer's!  Today it's Erin here with you, showing you a different way to use stencils!  Since this month is all about stencils, I thought I would utilize them in a unique way that you may not have thought of!

I was recently re-organizing my kitchen tools drawer, trying to make room for MORE tools, and I came across 2 wooden spoons that I have not used in ages!  I use my Pampered Chef wooden spoons, how could I use anything else?!  So, I threw them in my craft room to use for a rainy day!

That rainy, actually sunny day, came today!  I looked at this spoon and thought, what would happen if I painted it, and used my stencils on it?!  Well, now we know!  We will learn what the limitations are, and what is boundless!

First, I started with a plain wooden spoon.

Then, I painted it with white gesso.

I used Tim's Dot Fade stencil and London Blue Dylusions Spray for the first layer.

Here's where my boundaries occurred.  I wanted to layer it with stencils and colors, but every time I did that, the color pooled in the center, because essentially, I'm working with a spoon!  Hello!!!!  So, I just started spraying different colors to get that blue/green mixture that you see.  In addition to the London Blue, I used Vibrant Turquoise, Cut Grass, and a bit of White Linen which fogged it up a little.  But, I sprayed over that, so the white doesn't really show through.

Then, I took my Stars stencil, and some joint compound and made some stars!  I dried each one before moving on to the next one, because if I laid the stencil on top of the one before, it would have smashed!
Then, I took my white Signo Uni-ball pen and created the Honeycomb pattern that you see.  Lastly, I took my Black Artist Pen and filled in some of the dots from the Bubble stencil.  I lined the outside and inside edge with the Black Pen just for some contrast.  I laid the Dot Fade stencil over the whole spoon again, and sprayed over it with London Blue.  That's why the stars are a bit blue!

I hope that you have liked what I have created for you today!  A quick little project, but a lot of mediums used, and a new technique for using your stencils!  It's not just for walls and paper anymore!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!


Shilpa Nagaonkar said...


toni said...

Great project Erin turning your humble wooden spoon into a work of art! Love it ! Toni x

Anonymous said...

Fabulous wooden spoon Erin ! The stencilling looks awesome ! Sue C x

Julia Aston said...

What a fun creative way to look at new things to be colored and stenciled Erin! love the colors and textures you achieved! I'll have to start looking through my drawers!!

Julia Aston said...
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mamablitger said...

Erin... You are so creative !! What a funny idea using an old wooden spoon and just PLAY..... And I adore your result. You did a great job and the spoon has become so decorative.. Love it !!!
Thanks a lot for sharing !!!!!
Hugs from SPAIN

Micki said...

I gotta say..... what an awesome idea to alter a wooden spoon. You used my most favorite colors and I think a whole old crock pot full of these altered wooden spoons would be awesome!!!!!!! Love it.

Sue Lelli said...

Great way to find another use for stencil! Great idea, Erin! Love the colors, too!