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Saturday, December 21, 2013

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 12 ~ Fun with Catalyst Tools and Glazing Medium

Today is it, the 12th day of eclectic Paperie's awesome 12 Days of Christmas sale.  Today's featured products are the Catalyst Tools and Liquitex Glazing Medium!  

Definitely two must have products.
Buy a Catalyst tool, get the Glazing Medium for $6.99
 Use the code: 12DAYS12 when checking out to get this great deal.  And remember that this code is good today only until midnight EST.
I had a lot of fun playing with the Catalyst tools.  I knew that these handy, ergonomically designed "wedges" have been around for a while.  Clay artists have been using these for achieving texture and shape when molding clay or plaster.  These little tools have also been around in the food industries, especially in creating cakes.
Playing around with these nifty little gadgets, I made a quick video showing me playing around and attempting to show just how versatile these Catalyst tools are.  Then I went on to show how you can use Liquitex Glazing Medium, and finally my attempted project using a re purposed mini canvas.
I apologize in advance for the poor cinematography.  (Definitely had a "what can go wrong - does" day).  I'll recap after the video.

Here's a link in case the video doesn't play:
Catalyst tools:
  •  Perfect tool to add design on your Gelli Plate
  • Can be used as a stamp
  • Works great with Embossing Paste
  • Also great with heavy body paints (acrylic, oil, etc.)
  • Use as an applicator to apply paints, glues, mediums, etc.
  • Heat resistant which makes them ideal for encaustic art.
  • Easy to clean up and are ergonomically designed.
Now to Liquitex Glazing Medium, this medium is a must have. Watch the video to see why this medium should be a part of your art tools:
  • Mix it with your paint to achieve longer "open time" - meaning your paint will stay wet longer.  
  • Makes a glaze - will turn your opaque paint into a translucent paint.***
  • Thins your paint but unlike adding water which will break up the paint, thinning your paint with glazing medium maintains the color.
  • Use it as a base or mix it with translucent colors to create wonderful color depth and jewel like finish.
  • Wonderful brushing and leveling qualities - will "grap" edges, textures, gaps. ***
  • Non-yellowing and water proof once dry.
  • Makes your paint last longer since you are using less.
***If you follow Donna Downey, you'll know this technique!  Mix your paint with the glazing medium, apply to your project, let sit for a minute or two and then take a damp cloth and wipe off.  

 I only did the right hand side of the piece to show you the difference.  I could have removed/lightened it even more if I had continued to wipe.
 NOTE of warning:  don't use cheap baby wipes because the lint from the wipe will come off on your project and I couldn't get it off.

The video or the pictures do not do this medium justice.  It's hard to show what it does but once you play with it, you will not want to do without.

And are you wondering just what I created with all those gelli plate samples?  Well, I copied Broni's idea and created ....what else, as I'm awfully behind.... several Christmas Tree cards:

And the canvas?  Well, that ended up like this:

I hope you were inspired to create and try some new tools and mediums and enjoyed the video.  Did you notice all my blunders and indecision trying to create the canvas?  Don't let that stop you from getting some art time, especially during this hectic time.

And don't forget to head over to the eP Shop to take advantage of today's 
special - you have until midnight!!!!!

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Unknown said...

So much fun Micki!! I love all your creations!! Thank you so much for sharing with us - that gelli plate tree is gorgeous! - Love those catalyst tools!

toni said...

Fabulous work Micki, particularly love your die cut tree xxx

toni said...

Will be viewing vid a bit later when I can sit and savour it ! Xx

Marjie Kemper said...

Enjoyed the video and love the projects... so much eye candy today!!