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Thursday, February 28, 2013

French Country Kitchen Display

Hello, Annette Green here today with something quick and fun for those vintage junkies out there like me. This display piece will be going in my kitchen as soon as I can get the hubby to hang it for me. (I'm not allowed to use hammer and nail on our walls anymore, ever since I got a little antsy one time and started pounding away at drywall, no studs.)

This little display piece measures only 7 1/2 inches wide by 14 inches high.

It started off as this. Looks as if it's handmade to me. Probably some sweet and handy husband made it for his wife. I picked it up at my local Goodwill for just under $2. I had no plan for it at first and put it aside until something struck me. 

Then Graphic 45 came out with the new French Country paper. Can I stop right here and tell you that this paper is absolutely delicious? I mean it. You know that feeling when you open a new pad of paper and you literally oooh and ahhhh at every single sheet, running your hand over the surface, taking in the colors and images... I get a warm and happy feeling inside. Of course I ran to purchase another pad of it right away because I can't possibly CUT the only one in my possession! 

Anyway, once I covered my little cabinet with these beautiful papers (using Glue & Seal to adhere it, and inking edges with Walnut Stain) it had the feel of an old-time kitchen cupboard. So off to the antique store I flew in search of some old kitchen gadgets in which to fill it! (And I took the cabinet with me so I could properly size things.)

A small pastry cutter with a red wooden handle and very old salt and pepper shakers. Everything is glued down with E6000. (that stuff will hold anything!)

An old rusty nutmeg grater, and a tiny can of Brier Rose strawberries. The rooster cookie cutter isn't old, but fit well with the theme.

In a basket full of old spoons, I found this cute child's spoon with a teddy on the handle.

Love these old cutters. The heart is a cookie cutter and the round one is donut maker.

To top it off, this rusted wooden-handled scoop. Probably for flour back in its day.

As time goes by I'll probably find a few more things to fill in the spaces, but for now I'm happy and ready to hang it in my kitchen.


Redanne said...

Hi Annette, I think this is one of the most beautiful kitchen ornaments I have seen for a long time, love those G45 papers and really love all the vintage looking elements you had added. This is fabulous!! Anne x

Jody said...

Very cute Annette, I'll take one in country blue and yellow, please! lol Will have to look at those G45 papers closer to see if they match my kitchen. Great Job!

Bonnie Irvine said...

Annette, this piece is so charming. I love the paper collection. Using it on this shelf is an awesome idea because you can see how beautifully the patterns work together. The bits and bobs that you recruited to create this vintage vignette are wonderful. It would look amazing in my kitchen, too. Just sayin'...LOL

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Wow...such a transformation. You took it from funky to fashionable. Ilove that you filled it with antiques. Beautiful!

Kim said...

Fabulous, Annette! This is right up my alley. The paper is just perfect for this type of project. Beautiful! (PS-I'm not allowed to use hammer and nails anymore either...)

Mary-Ann Maldonado said...

Great job Annette! I love displaying my vintage finds and this is perfect! Very clever:o)


mytawnyinspirations said...

A great kitchen adornment. The G45papers look wonderful on the little cabinet. Beautiful vintage memorabilia... perfect. Have a great day, cheers, Di

Helen said...


Donna-Marie said...

Super duper stinkin CUTE!!
I LOVE G45. You really saw some big potential in that sad little looked like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree until you got a hold of it!Weeeee love it sistah :-)

Tracy said...

Wowowow Donna Marie put it....super duper stinkin cute..gorrrrgeous with the papers, along with beautiful finds!!!!
Pssst after not finding a hammer and resorting to a....rolling no longer am allowed to hang things.

Patty Albertson said...

Oh my, I LOVE this!

Micki said...

oh man this is adorable and it got my wheels to spinning. Absolutely gorgeous.

Erin Smetak said...

What an amazing shelf! Ok, now I'm inspired! I'll have to start looking at Goodwills in a different light! LOL!
I love what you've done w/ your shelf though! WOW! Just gorgeous!

Unknown said...

This is so cool!! And how neat that you actually went and bought fun stuff to go in there! I adore old kitchen utensils - I buy the green handles.

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