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Friday, March 13, 2009

eclectic Paperie Video Tutorials

We are very excited about our latest addition that we are calling the eclectic Feed. This is a brand new series of video tutorials where we show some techniques using our favorite eP products. The eclectic Feed can be found in the iTunes store under podcasts. Currently you can download our episodes in iTunes (Hi Definition for watching on your computer) or Vimeo. If you subscribe in iTunes, each new episode will be delivered to you automatically. We are currently working on adding an iPod version to iTunes and YouTube but we are not quite there yet. Please go check it out. You can search us in the iTunes store under a podcast called "eclectic Feed." We put a lot of work into it and it is absolutely free. If you have any favorite products you'd like to see demonstrated, let us know! Check out the new eP's ECLECTIC!


Darla Miller said...

Hi Daisy and Joy,
I had fun watching the EP tutorial on EP iTunes! What a fun way to learn a technique. I look forward to seeing more things as they come out.

Thanks for making stamping fun and exciting!
Your stamping buds,
Darla and Sophie

Kim DeRonde said...

LOVE THE VIDEO DAISY!! It was great seeing Joy, Sam and you at Carson. Have a great time at Ranger U!! See you soon! - Kim

Vicki said...

I am loving everything that you are doing at EP!